Washington, MO

Road Closings Due to Flooding


- Aitch Rd 1/10 mile from Moselle Rd

- Beemont Rd

- Bend Rd
- Bend School Rd
- Big Indian Creek Bridge (road washed out both sides of the bridge)
- Boeuf Lutheran Rd
- Brinkman Rd
- Chapel Hill Rd. @ Slab
- Chouteau Claim
- County Farm Rd @ Rock Rd
- Denmark Rd south of Fairway
- Detmold Rd
- Erhardt Rd and Landon rd flooded which is off Hwy WW
- Erhardt Rd at the Crawford county line under water
- Four Mile Rd by St John's Creek rd: water over the road - lights and barricades are up
- Hwy 30 @ the bridge

- Highway AC between H and 185

- Highway AD @ Happy Sac to North Bend
- Hwy AN between Hwy H/Indian Bend Rd
- Hwy F
- Hwy H 2 miles south of Silo Acres
- Hwy H - Elmont water over the road Sullivan
- Hwy O @ AT under I-44 at exit
- Hwy O @ Hwy F
- Hwy O @ Robertsville Rd.
- Hwy O @ Watson St & Jefferson St. (Pacific City)
- Hwy O at Tiny Blossom closed
- Hwy UU @ Meyers Landing
- Hwy Y @ Dissen Rd to Prairie Fork Rd
- Hwy Y @ Vedder Rd under water
- Hoeman Rd.

- I-44 at Route 100/Gray Summit to I-270 due to I-44 flooding at Valley Park

- Jeffriesburg Rd.
- Krenning Rd at the slab
- Kriete Creek/Angell Rd
- Landon Rd
- Little Bourbouse Rd closed 1/10 mile south of Jake's Prairie Rd
- Mill Hill Rd/Brush Creek Rd
- Mill Hill/Hwy TT
- E Main St. in Union
- New Haven City river access closed
- New Hope Church Rd at the Bridge
- North Bend Loop (down to one lane)
- Oak Grove Church Rd and Mill Hill Rd the Hwy N side
- Oak Grove Church Rd between Hwy N and Willowford Rd
- Old Cove Rd in Moselle
- Old County Farm Rd (Water at road edge)
- Old Hwy K
- Peter's Ford Rd from Wildhaber Rd.
- Project Rd Slab Past Red Horse
- Red Oak rd closed
- Rye Creek Rd @ Yellow Dog Rd
- Rye Creek Rd @ Bolder Branch
- Robertsville Rd
- Shawnee Town Ford (Bridge impassable)
- Stony Hill at the slab
- Zero Road out of Berger 

-Market Street in Hermann is under water


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