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Crest Forecasts Increased Along Meramec

Crest forecasts have been rising along with the rivers along the Meramec, due to increases in expected precipitation levels through Thursday afternoon.

The Meramec River at Pacific is now expected to crest early Wednesday at 33.2 feet, just .2 feet short of the record set in December of 2015.  

The Meramec River at Eurkea predicted to crest early Wednesday at a record high level of 46.4 feet, several inches higher than the previous record of 46.04 feet in December 2015.

The Meramec River at Valley Park is expected to crest early Wednesday at 44.1 feet, matching the record high levels set in December 2015.

The National Weather Service cautions that crest prediction is an inexact science.  Prediction models include previous rains, as well as forecast fall for the next 48 hours from the time a crest prediction is made.

Rain has been forecast beginning early Wednesday morning through early Thursday afternoon.  Expected rainfall totals are in the 2 to 4 inch range, with locally heavy rainfalls possible.

The NWS has also issued a Flash Flood Watch beginning at 1 a.m. Wednesday through 1 p.m. on Thursday.


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