Washington, MO
Weather Alert

Road Closings-Thursday, May 4th

Closed Mill Hill Rd at Bruns Bridge
Closed Argo Rd
Closed Horstman Rd at the slab
Currently Closed:
Closed Aitch Rd 1/10 mile from Moselle
Closed Beemont Rd
Closed Bend Rd
Closed Big Indian Creek Bridge road washed out both sides of the bridge
Closed Big Indian Creek Bridge both sides of the bridge road is washed out
Closed Boeuf Creek Rd North of the bridge
Closed Boeuf Lutheran Rd
Closed Brinkman Rd at Robertsville Rd
Closed Buchheit Rd at Highway 100
Closed Chapel Hill Rd the slab
Closed Chouteau Claim
Closed Denmark Rd S of Fairway
Closed Detmold Rd
Closed Dundee Rd
Closed Erhardt Rd Crawford County Line
Closed Four Mile Rd St Johns Creek Rd
Closed Highway 47  Warren Co. side of MO River Bridge
Closed Highway AK
Closed Highway B
Closed Highway F
Closed Highway W Meramec Caverns
Closed Hoeman Rd
Closed Eastbound I-44 at Route 100/Gray Summit  due to I-44 flooding at Valley Park
Closed Jakes Prairie Rd Shawnee Ford to County Line Rd
Closed Krenning Rd at the slab
Closed Kriete Creek Rd
Closed Landon Rd
Closed Little Bourbeuse Rd 1/10th mile from Jakes Prairie
Closed Mill Hill Rd at Lost Hill area near River Cabin Rd, due to a mudslide
Closed Mill Hill Rd Highway TT
Closed New Hope Church Rd both bridges
Closed New Hope Church Rd both bridges
Partial North Bend Loop (down to 1-lane at 0900)
Closed Oak Grove Church Rd Highway N or Willowford Rd side
Closed Oak Grove Church Rd Mill Hill
Closed Old Cove Rd
Closed Old Highway K Project Rd
Closed Peters Ford Rd off Highway 185
CLOSED Project Rd from Little Indian to Rye Creek, for debris removal and repairs
Closed Robertsville Rd at Brinkman Rd
Closed Rye Creek Bolder Branch
Closed Rye Creek Rd Yellow Dog Rd
Closed Shawnee Ford Rd
Closed Shawneetown Ford Rd Bridge impassable
Closed St. John's Creek Rd at St. Ann's Rd
Closed Stony Hill Rd at the slab
Closed Zero Rd right out of Berger
Closed Highway 100 in Hermann
Closed Highway 47  at the Washington Bridge
Have been reopened:
OPEN Bend School Rd
OPEN Dry Branch Rd 1.8 Miles off of Hwy WW
OPEN Fox Creek Rd at Highway 185
OPEN Highway 30 Meramec Bridge
OPEN Highway 47 at Flat Creek (near Jimmy John's Union)
OPEN Highway 50 at QT and Highway 47 South
OPEN Highway 185 Highway 185 Spur
OPEN Highway 185 at Meramec State Park
OPEN Highway AC between Hwy H and Hwy 185
OPEN Highway AD Happy Sac to North Bend
OPEN Highway AH
OPEN Highway AN at Hwy H
OPEN Highway AN Indian Bend Rd
OPEN Highway H Elmont Rd
OPEN Highway H Bourbeuse Bridge
OPEN Highway O and AT  under I-44 at exit
OPEN Highway O at Watson and Jefferson Streets
OPEN Highway O at Tiny Blossom
OPEN Highway O at Robertsville Rd
OPEN Highway UU at Meyers Landing
OPEN Highway Y Vedder Rd
OPEN Highway Y Dissen Rd to Prarie Fork Rd
OPEN Hollander Rd 1.2 miles from Hwy Y
OPEN Jakes Prairie Rd Boone Creek
OPEN Jakes Prairie Rd Highway H
OPEN Jakes Prairie Rd Elmont Rd
OPEN Jakes Prarie Rd Shawnee Ford Rd
OPEN Jeffriesburg Rd at Highway UU
OPEN Old County Farm Rd
OPEN Project Rd. Hwy 47 to Little Indian Creek
OPEN Shawnee Ford Rd

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