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The KLPW Radio Athlete of the Week is Sophomore Cross Country Runner Mikayla Reed from Washington High School. Mikayla has already accumulated a lost list of accomplishments in the first couple of years of her high school career. As a Freshman, she was fifth in the 3200 Meter Run at the state track and field championships and had the third fastest time ever by a Freshman. Highlights this year in cross country include first place at the St.

OFF THE CUFF with Diane Jones

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No matter how many years pass, few of us old enough to understand the scope of what happened on September 11, 2001 will ever forget those video images of planes flying through skyscrapers, which then crumbled into dust. Perhaps out of psychological necessity, we have distanced ourselves from the visceral emotions of that day.



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The All-Tournament Team from the St. Clair Classic Tournament Saturday has been announced.
Sydney Hill and Megan Doering from Pacific
Julie Johnston and Morgan Muzzey-Orchard Farm
Allison May-Warrenton
Lydia Klenke-Union
Katelyn Guehne-St. Clair
Hannah Keeney-St. James

Pacific took first with Orchard Farm second and Warrenton third